Lube and Service Menu


· Standard Oil Change with FREE                              Basic Car Wash…$37.95*


· Additional quart(s) of oil…$4.00


· Bottle Oil up charge…$4.00


· 4x4 Upcharge…$3.00


.Synthetic OIL Change Dexos 0/20 & 5/30

                                                       $49.95 & up


· Bottle Synthetic OIL Change…$69.99 & up


· Transmission Service…$89.99 & up


· Differential Services…$39.99 & up


· Transfer Case…$39.99 & up


· Nitrogen Tire Progam…$25.99 & up


Tire Rotation…$21.99 & up             


· Fuel Filters…$35.99 & up


· Air Filters…$15.99 & up


· Wiper Blades…$6.99 & up


· Louisiana State Inspection…$10.00-$20.00


Additional Services Include:

Light Bulbs, Fuse Replacement,

Diagnostic Test, Fluid Refill


We also offer many additives to help your vehicle run better and longer.


Most Vehicles

* We are continuously adding more services! *


R O C K E T   L U B E   &   C A R   W A S H

3310 Sterlington Road, Monroe, LA 71203

PH: 318-324-1407 · FAX: 318-324-1410

M-F 7:30-5:00  Sat 8:00-5:00  SUN Closed


Car Wash Menu



·  Deep Space—Total Protection!…$28.00

   - BEST VALUE-  Extreme Shine Wax

    With Carnauba ,RAINX, Triple Foam Wax


   ·  Around the World—Works…$22.00

   - Same as Basic Wash including:

   - Triple Foam Wax

   - Sealer Wax

   - Under Carriage Clean

   - Air Freshener

   - Armor All Tires


· Blast Off—Basic…$15.00

   - Wash, Dry & Vacuum

   - Window Cleaning

   - Dash & Console Wipe Down·

    -Shuttle Express…$8.00

             Exterior Only


Individual Services Include:

Armor All, Tar Removal, Hydro Gloss, Viper Wax, Spot Remover, Truck Bed Cleaning, Extra Muddy Vehicles

* Add $2.00 for Vans, SUV’s & Ext. Cabs *


We also offer Detail Services such as:

·  Express Detail…$95.00 & up

·  Carpet Shampooing…$55.00 & up

·  Hand Wash…$25.00 & up

·  Hand Wash & Wax…$50.00

·  Hand Wash & Buff…$55.00

·  Hand Wash & Polish…$65.00



Prices may vary depending on each individual vehicle.

     *Extra Muddy Vehicles will require extra charge                     





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Routine Rocket Maintenance

3,000 miles


Change oil — up to 5 qts of featured oil

Change oil filter

20 point safety check

Lubricate Chassis

Check air filter

Check breather element

Check cabin air filter

Check radiator fluid

Check serpentine belt

Check & fill transmission fluid

Check & fill differential/trans axle fluid

Check & fill power steering fluid

Check & fill windshield washer fluid

Check tire pressure

Check wiper blades

Free Basic Car Wash

Safety check of exterior lights



P R I C E S  A N D  S E R V I C E S